University Scholarships

Commencing in 2017, Reasonable Cause has been offering one university  scholarship each year to assist disadvantaged young adult Cambodians to pursue their career goals and assist in breaking the cycle of poverty.

2019 Reasonable Cause University Scholarhsip Winner – Heng

Heng is a young woman with a strong academic background during her school years. Heng’s mother works in a garment factory. Heng is ambitious to achieve something more and understands that education is the key to her ambition. Heng is studying accountancy at university in Phnom Penh. Reasonable Cause is assisting her in her journey through university.

2018 Reasonable Cause University Scholarship Winner – Sievheang

Sievheang is a young woman who always focussed on her studies at school. She dreamed of the day she might be able to attend university. She achieved a good result in the Cambodian Year 12 National Exam in 2017. Sievheang and her family could not afford a university education. Thanks to lawyers attending Reasonable Cause conferences, Sievheang has enrolled in a Bachelor of Industrial Relations degree in Phnom Penh.

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 2017 Reasonable Cause University Scholarship Winner РWaew

Despite horrific burn injuries sustained as a child, Waew is now a young woman focusing on her skills and abilities. With financial assistance from a Reasonable Cause University Scholarship, Waew is now studying for a Bachelor of International Relations at university in Phnom Penh. She is a very smart, happy and friendly person who strives to succeed and has the world at her feet.

March 2018 update – Waew has successfully completed the first year of university, doing well in all subjects. She has now progressed to the second year of her degree.

If you go to another conference, where will your money go?